The commissioner sir, honourable guests, scouts teachers and trainers, teachers, scouts, parents, entire pupils fraternity other visitors all protocols observed.

I wish to take this opportunity to first congratulate the Josnah scouts movement on this their investiture day.

 I reckon that it has taken great efforts to go through the theoretical and the practical drills all the way to qualify for the award of the world scout badge.

Dear friends, the scouts movements inculcates strong values in the individual person. It brings out the wholesomeness of character a key ingredient to having reliable citizens.

With proper adoption of the scout values practices and promises we can make a big impact on the challenges facing the current youth generation such as drug and substance abuse, joblessness and the moral decadence.

 It gives me great pleasure to witness this occasion today as I see these sungura and chipukizi scouts make a great milestone in their scout training.

 I wish to encourage them to put into practise the knowledge and the skills so attained to make positive change in our school, society and the nation at large.

Above all, my heart desire is to see them set an example to be emulated by their generation.

It is my believe that you shall grow on to mwaba, rover scouts and other levels ahead as you get equipped to respond to the current and future institutional, societal, national, and global challenges.

I note with satisfaction that apart from producing intellectual giants, through such activities Josnah as an institution will continue to produce honest, hardworking responsible and tolerant citizens. These will ensure that justice is practised at all times and we have a people we can depend on for future and posterity of our country.

It is my hope that all of us gathered here today will continue to agitate for an education system that seeks to identify nature and expose talents among our young youth.

It is unfortunate that the enormous benefits that could have been gained through enhancement of talents and other trainings are suffocated under the pressure and struggle for academic excellence.

I wish to thank you all who are gathered here today to witness this great day for these scouts. Thank you for you warm and firm support towards the growth and the realization of the vision of this institution as a reputable leading institution rising to a tower of excellence.

May the almighty God bless us all and bless our institution.

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The commissioner sir, honourable guests, scouts teachers and trainers, …

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