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Through the years many gallant soldiers have championed this course. The journey has not been easy and each in his or her big or small ways has fought hard to keep the ship sailing. By the grace of God through the tides of torrents we have come this far. I wish to say this far Jehovah is Ebenezer.

We continue to devote ourselves daily to see this tower of excellence rise higher and higher. Josnah is by day growing to become the institution of choice for all those looking for quality education buttressed in good character. To us discipline means more than anything else. As Gandthi says education without good character is like loading a gun and giving it to a fool. 

By focusing to our vision, remaining true to our mission, holding strongly to our core values and entrenched in our motto we shall realize our objectives.



     For us it is about;

Our school

        Our vision

        Our mission

        Our motto

        Our core values

        Our colours

        Our flag





The seven (seven is complete in God) makes us unique. OUR GOD IS GREAT


Head teacher  

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